Jun 212016

Mood Swing would like to wish Jamie Colucci a VERY HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY!!!!

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Join Mood Swing in wishing our drummer, Dave, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

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Mood Swing would like to thank EVERYONE for a GREAT 2019 Summer Season! We got to play some great new venues and made some wonderful new fans..

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Dec 272018

Hey, hey Mood Swingers!!! Happy Holidays!! For your listening pleasure while you’re waiting for our next show, Mood Swing has just released its first CD! Locally, you can find it at Sound Garden! The individual cuts are also available on CD Baby! Be sure to get yours today! Happy New Year!

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Feb 032016

Mood Swing has now confirmed a gig a month for April through September…and we are working on several more!

Thank you SO much for all your continued support of Mood Swing!

We couldn’t do it with our YOU!

God bless and have a wonderful day!

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